FORMIA is on a path to become a net-zero carbon company by 2030 and offer net-zero carbon amenity kits as of 2022.


Conscious Design
Designing products that inspire and create a connection with both people and planet

Responsible Supply Chain
Employing processes and delivering products to have positive social and environmental impacts

Meaningful Partnerships
Forming trusted and purposeful partnerships that share sustainability commitments and promote systemic change


Our five ambitious targets are linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of global goals developed to help achieve a better and more sustainable future.

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In the development of our amenity offerings, FORMIA is inspired by the R-ladder of circularity.


With every new project, our multi-skilled in-house designers challenge themselves to raise the level of environmental consciousness.

We curate materials that:

  • Have less impact in the production phase (including water consumption, chemical usage and greenhouse gas emissions);
  • Can be recycled;
  • Have recycled and / or biodegradable content and use fewer new materials.

Our designs also focus on ensuring a high take-home appeal, to extend the lifespan of the bag as long as possible.


A selection of our sustainable designs and collaborations.



To achieve net-zero as a company, we have completed our first?Greenhouse Gas Assessment (GHG) measuring emissions of our end-to-end operations,?setting the baseline for future improvements in 2022 and beyond.

We recently completed our first Life Cycle Impact Analyses, measuring the impact of an amenity kit from raw material extraction to end of life disposal.

We will continue to work with customers to define concrete steps that reduce environmental impact.


In 2020, FORMIA made a pledge to convert 100% of our socks and eye masks from virgin polyester to recycled PET fabric with Global Recycled Standard certification for all our airline customers.

To date, this has saved 568 tons of greenhouse emissions in CO2-eq, equal to 125 cars driving on the road for a year, and in terms of energy, 16’160 GJ-eq (GigaJoule-eq) which equates to the energy required to run 3,500 US households for one year.

This is just the start of our journey to driving positive change.



Supply Chain


We aim to make a positive impact on the lives of our employees and to provide a safe, happy and comfortable work environment.

FORMIA’s diverse team is two-thirds female and an inclusive balance of industry experience and young talent.

We adhere to strict Health and Safety policies across the company and implement Living and Minimal wages across our workforce. FORMIA is an equal opportunities employer, providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.


FORMIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focus on supporting communities that we operate from, both locally and internationally.

FORMIA partners with?Changing Young Lives Foundation and Habitat For Humanity.

Each charity works with underprivileged communities that often lack access to basic modern technologies and amenities. To support their work in the community, FORMIA continues to donate a range of products on an ongoing basis that will be used by members of staff who develop and deliver the programmes, as well as going directly to underprivileged households who are most in need.

Our hope is to make a tangible difference and build a long-lasting relationship with both organisations.

Supply Chain

FORMIA maintains a responsible supply chain, employing processes and delivering products which reduce social and environmental impacts.

We consider resource efficiencies, reduced and improved packaging, effective waste management practices and optimising distribution, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality across our value chain.

Our recently launched Mexico-based operations including warehouse and distribution facility reduces the overall impact of our kits for our customers in the Americas region.

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