Amenity Kits

From hard cases to soft pouches, the amenity bags designed by FORMIA’s Design Studio are curated specifically to each airline with brands that best fit their needs and interests.

First Class Kits
Business Class Kits
Premium Economy Class Kits
Economy Class Kits
Comfort Kits
Lost Luggage / Overnight Kits
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Cosmetics & Toiletries

To completely indulge the passenger onboard, the experience must also extend to the passenger out of their seat and in the lavatory. FORMIA brings comfort, pampering, and hygiene here with added products that are specially developed to cater to these specific needs.

Premium Toiletries
Economy Toiletries
Dental Kits
Shaving Kits
Vanity Kits

Comfort Items

In line with our motto ‘amenities for the indulgent traveller’, we have extended our product offerings to include loungewear and sleeper suits such as pyjamas, to offer passengers a more comprehensive comfort experience.


Children’s Items

We are delighted to be developing a number of fun and innovative products for the children’s category in partnership with some of the best known ‘character’ brands in the world that make it an exciting and enjoyable experience for even the smallest of passengers.

Children’s kits
Children’s toys
Baby kits