LSG Sky Chefs and FORMIA Sign Partnership Agreement



LSG Sky Chefs’ Hong Kong based subsidiary LSG Sky Chefs In-Flight Logistics Asia Pacific Ltd. has finalized a partnership agreement with FORMIA, a Hong Kong based provider of cosmetics, amenities and on-board accessories.

Looking for a capable and exclusive partner to develop its equipment category of amenity kits and cosmetics, LSG Sky Chefs selected FORMIA due to its years of experience in the hospitality industry and its international network of suppliers and manufacturers. Formia also recently formed an alliance with ADA Cosmetics International in order to offer a wider range of high-quality brands.

“FORMIA has excellent references within the airline industry and a huge number of luxury hotels,” says Jackie Collins, Managing Director of LSG Sky Chefs In-flight Logistics Asia Pacific. “Beyond their exceptional quality they can offer us a one-stop shopping solution in this product category, including consultancy and design, product development and quality management as well as logistics, warehousing and distribution,” she continues.

“We feel honored and proud to become LSG Sky Chefs’ exclusive partner, especially since our strong focus on product and service quality match perfectly”, comments Roland Grohmann Managing Director of FORMIA. “We look forward to working together with the common goal of enhancing passengers’ on-board experience.”



LSG Sky Chefs is the world’s largest provider of in-flight services. These include airline catering, in-flight equipment and logistics as well as the management of onboard service and in-flight retail. The group is also the industry leading expert in managing the complete in-flight service supply chain for several airlines. LSG Sky Chefs partners with more than 300 airlines worldwide and operates some 200 customer service centers in 49 countries, producing around 427 million airline meals a year. In 2008, the companies belonging to LSG Sky Chefs Group achieved consolidated revenues of € 2.3 billion.

FORMIA offers a full range of quality amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made inflight service concepts. Over the past three decades Formia has forged a unique product expertise in working with hotels and airlines. The company operates globally and brings a professional as well as distinctive approach to premium guest and in-flight service amenities.



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