FORMIA extends and redesigns THANN Amenity Bag for EVA Air Elite Class Amenity Kit



FORMIA, the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist, today announces that, EVA Air will be extending the cooperation with THANN for the indulgence of their Elite Class’s passengers with an all new design kit.

EVA Air has been working with FORMIA for several years now and has been updating the design of their Premium Economy class THANN bags regularly. The last design was a compact pencil case shaped bag launched in 2 color tones. This new design amenity bag is currently on board for North America routes and will extend to the route of Europe.

THANN is a natural skin care brand from Thailand, well-known for their unique products using natural ingredients and contemporary packaging design. The new THANN bag comes in one color way – green and brown. The scheme features and brings out EVA Air’s subtle Elite cabin colors to nicely blend itself into the airline, creating a coherent onboard experience. Made to be multi-functional and encourage continued use after the flight, the bag opens up flat like a book and has a hook attachment, giving passengers a perfect place to keep their toiletries and hang them up in hotel bathrooms at their destination. The inside of the bag is built with net organizers in the lining, giving you a DIY shelf for all your necessities, making them very accessible.

This EVA Elite Class kit includes THANN’s signature products; Rice Extract Lip Balm and Rice Extract Moisturizing Cream to comfort the passengers along the long flight.

Commenting, FORMIA Managing Director, Roland Grohmann, said: “These distinctive new design THANN bag was customized for EVA Air and we are delighted at the success they have achieved for the airline ever since. FORMIA’s mission is to delight its customers by providing products which, in turn, delight their own customers, too. That has definitely been the case with these kits and their contents. We are immensely proud that EVA Air continues to place their trust in FORMIA with the supply of their amenity kits.”



FORMIA offers the travel industry a full range of quality bespoke amenity kits, bags, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made in- flight service concepts. Over the past three decades, FORMIA has forged a unique product expertise in working with hotels and airlines. The company operates globally and brings a professional and distinctive approach to premium guest and in-flight service amenities.
FORMIA‘s partnerships with luxury brands focuses in identifying the most profitable strategic fit, providing the Brand more visibility and impact and consequently adding value to the airlines’ proposition.

EVA Air was founded in March 1989. It is based in Taiwan, 100% privately owned, and a sister company to Evergreen Marine Corporation, the world-renowned container-shipping line. Since its July 01, 1991 maiden flight, EVA Air has thrived and now serves 51 destinations on four continents, excluding Africa, with 53 aircraft. And it is continuing to steadily expand its operations, network and fleet. In 2012, the airline won the renowned Skytrax “Best Airline Staff Service in Asia” and holds a coveted 4-star designation, putting the airline in a small group of top quality carriers.



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