FORMIA Exclusively Licenses Apsara Products Onboard



FORMIA is a world leading supplier of high quality, branded in-flight amenity kits and cosmetics.  For many years, the company’s distinctive, quality approach has seen its focus on a large number of strategic partnerships with renowned brands.

Since some time now, FORMIA has had an exclusive arrangement with the distinctive Apsara Spa brand developing its range of travel cosmetics and pouches, and supplying Apsara products exclusively to airlines for use in in-flight amenity kits.

The Apsara range includes a variety of Far East inspired herbal remedies and healing products made using only the finest natural plant-based ingredients sourced especially for Apsara. Herbs, spices and fruits such as bergamot, ginger, mi nt and lime feature prominently in their range. All raw materials are carefully chosen and sourced from producers and growers who adhere to Apsara Spa’s own quality and ethical standards.

For its airline products, Apsara Spa worked with FORMIA to create a specially developed range of products to help passengers unwind and release tension during long flights. From indispensable items such as lotions and lip balm to aroma sticks and facial mists, Apsara Spa products can be selected and combined to suit the needs of each airline’s passengers in a clear demonstration of the airline’s drive to maximise the care, attention and hospitality it shows its customers.

Commenting, Roland Grohmann, Managing Director of FORMIA, said:  “Apsara’s reputation at the highest quality end of the cosmetics market is growing steadily. We are absolutely delighted to be working with them on taking their products airborne. Having introduced the brand to the airborne hospitality market, we are delighted that their exciting and bespoke range of travel products are being so well received by airlines and passengers alike.”

Yves Becher, Managing Director of Apsara Spa Concepts: “In no other arena does our company’s mission – to restore the balance between the soul and our surroundings – become more relevant than in the airline amenity kit market.  We have greatly enjoyed developing our unique range of products to help air passengers find peace and relaxation during their journeys and arrive as fresh as possible at their destination.  We greatly value our relationship with FORMIA, one of the foremost hospitality specialists in the world.”



FORMIA offers the travel industry a full range of quality bespoke amenity kits, bags, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made in-flight service concepts. Over the past three decades, FORMIA has forged a unique product expertise in working with hotels and airlines. The company operates globally and brings a professional and distinctive approach to premium guest and in-flight service amenities. FORMIA‘s partnerships with luxury brands focuses in identifying the most profitable strategic fit, providing the Brand more visibility and impact and consequently adding value to the airlines’ proposition.

 APSARA has its origin in Bangkok, Thailand and initially focused on services in preventive medicine. Their first authentic Thai Spa was opened in Switzerland in 2007. Through the knowledge gained from the spa operation, Apsara developed a unique product range based on ancient far Eastern herbal remedies and healing techniques that were used in beauty rituals and hygiene – now it can be integrated into the daily rituals of the modern life. Apsara has a strong emphasis on natural quality products that are offered in retail as well as in selected airlines and luxury hotels.



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