FORMIA brings Chopard Onboard



FORMIA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality, branded in-flight amenity kits and cosmetics. The company has focused, for the past years, on strategic partnerships with renowned brands. In this context, FORMIA has exclusive rights to supply branded Chopard amenities to airlines: this includes a range of cosmetics together with Chopard branded, high quality bags.

Chopard is a Swiss based luxury watch, jewelry and accessories company founded in 1860 and a well-established brand in the premium sector. It is among the few retail “über luxury” brands to be launched on to the airline amenities market.

The Chopard travel care line has been exclusively developed to pamper, delight and refresh passengers. With generous sizes from 30ml to 100ml, the extensive range of products represents an indulgence to the user’s body & soul.

Yves Alavo, Executive Director of FORMIA, says about the range: “It is a stimulating line, a unique blend of selective ingredients that will soothe all those seeking luxury, beauty and invigoration. When enjoying Chopard products, the traveller enters a world of well-being offering vitality and sensuality.”

FORMIA is proud to have recently introduced Chopard on board Air Astana’s Business Class and has won, together with the airline, two Travel Plus Awards for these kits in their category: Gold for the Gentleman’s kit and Silver for the Ladies set.



FORMIA offers the travel industry a full range of quality amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made in-flight service concepts. Over the past three decades, FORMIA has forged a unique product expertise in working with hotels and airlines. The company operates globally and brings a professional and distinctive approach to premium guest and in-flight service amenities.

Chopard is a Swiss-based luxury watch, jewelry, and accessories company founded in 1860. Chopard initially concentrated on developing precise pocket watches and chronometers based upon innovative ideas. Alongside its watches and jewellery creations, Chopard has also focused on the development of its line of accessories. Chopard extends its tradition of excellence into its line of exclusively designed accessories. Each piece is developed and created using traditional craftsmanship with the same meticulous care, concern for perfection and attention to detail and design as Chopard’s jewellery and watches.




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