FORMIA & Xiamen Airlines inspire Italian excellence with Acca Kappa
(FORMIA & 厦门航空一同与Acca Kappa展现意式美学)

FORMIA, the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist, announces its new business relationship with Xiamen Airlines and the airline’s existing alliance with the Acca Kappa White Moss cosmetic brand. Xiamen Airlines offers the Acca Kappa amenity kit to First and Business Class travellers, each passenger class with its own distinctive design.

The amenity kit includes Acca Kappa cosmetics from the White Moss range along with its other inner items.

Xiamen Airlines’ interest in offering the best in quality design is in keeping with its vision as an internationally recognised top-class and brand name airline in the Asia-Pacific region. For FORMIA, the affiliation furthers its mission to offer the best in quality branded and innovatively designed products while continuing to grow the company’s strong presence in Asia and the rest of the world.

FORMIA CEO & Managing Partner, Roland Grohmann stated: “We are very pleased to have Xiamen Airlines on board. Our collaboration represents a strategic move to pair the best in amenity bags containing the best in cosmetic and wellness products.”

2017年 11月, 香港知名国际礼宾用品专家— FORMIA,正式宣布了与厦门航空和Acca Kappa白麝香美妆品牌崭新的合作关系。厦门航空将为头等与商务舱的贵宾提供不同舱等独特设计的礼宾用品,礼宾用品包含Acca Kappa美妆的白麝香产品以及其它用品。


FORMIA 总裁&管理合伙人— Roland Grohmann 说道: “我们非常高兴厦门航空可以加入我们的大家庭,这次彼此之间的合作展现了一个战略性的决策来将最好的美妆和保养产品与礼宾用品结合在一起。”



FORMIA is a travel industry global leader offering tailor-made premium guest and inflight service amenities, including kits, bags, cosmetic and comfort items. Over the past three decades, FORMIA has forged a distinctive design approach and exceptional innovation which is a testament to the company’s unique product expertise. In partnership with the world’s leading airlines and brands in luxury, travel, lifestyle, and well-being, FORMIA focuses on identifying the most profitable strategic fit, enabling the Brand to optimise its visibility and impact while adding value to the airlines’ proposition.

FORMIA 结合为每一位旅客量身订做的概念来提供旅游业完整且高品质的礼宾产品、包包, 美妆与舒适用品。在过去的三十年里, FORMIA几经淬炼,发展出与酒店及航空业合作独特产品的专长。公司致力于全球化经营并以专业且独特的方针来为高阶客户服务以及提供航空礼宾用品,FORMIA与奢侈品牌合作的主要目的在于战略性的将其价值最大化来达到对品牌的高度曝光和影响来提高对于航空合作伙伴的品牌价值。

Xiamen Airlines was founded in 1984 in China. It was the first airline company to operate as a modern enterprise and has become the most featured airline company, praised by President Xi Jinping as “the epitome of Chinese aviation industry development”. Xiamen Airlines operates the largest all-Boeing fleet and operates 350 international and domestic routes including China, Europe, North America and Oceania. The airline was recognised as the “Best Airline Company” by Chinese passengers for three consecutive years from 2012 to 2015 and strives to become the first-choice for customers and first-class in the Asia-Pacific Region.

厦门航空有限公司(简称厦航)成立于1984,天合联盟成员,是中国首家按现代企业制度运行的航空公司,营运350条国际与国内航线,航线网络覆盖亚洲、欧洲、美洲、澳洲,成立至今连续盈利超过30年。厦航是中国唯一使用全波音系列飞机的航空公司,累计安全飞行超过400万小时。2012至今,厦航连续20季度获评内地服务最佳航空公司,2016年荣获第二届中国质量奖,成为中国服务业首家获此殊荣的企业,也是中国民航唯一获奖的航空公司。厦航被国家领导人— 习近平誉为 “中国航空产业发展的缩影”,2017年9月3日,习近平在金砖国家工商论坛主旨演讲中,特别称赞道:“这里的厦门航空公司,绩效也还是很好的”。厦航正努力打造绩效卓越、世界一流品牌。

Acca Kappa The Krull family has led the Acca Kappa brand for more than 140 years since 1869. It is the story of a lifestyle, born of Italian taste, culture and elegance inspired by the sensory experiences of Italian gardens. Over four generations of craftsmanship have contributed to the Brand’s excellence in creating fragrances, brushes, body care and wellness products. Acca Kappa proudly represents Italy in more than 50 countries all over the world, through flagship stores, shop in shop corners and counters located only in the most exclusive and high-ended department stores, malls and airports.

Acca Kappa 于1869年由Krull家族创立于意大利,迄今已有140多年的历史。这是一个关于生活格调的故事,源自如同游走于意大利花园般的感官体验所激发出的意大利品味,文化与优雅。Acca Kappa所有商品从制造到生产,均致力尊重环保概念,且遵从三个基本原则:「简单的设计、高品管的制造、天然的素材」,以确保提供消费者绝佳的使用感受。超过四代人匠心努力造就了该品牌在香氛、刷具以及身体保养领域的卓越不凡。Acca Kappa 骄傲地代表意大利于全世界各地包含美洲、亚洲以及欧洲超过100个品牌零售商、400多间精品店呈现该品牌的成就。



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