FORMIA and Austrian Airlines introduce Overnight Amenity Kit for Delayed Passengers

FORMIA, the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist, and Austrian Airlines introduce the overnight amenity kit for passengers experiencing an overnight stay due to flight delays, cancellations, or other unforeseen travel interruptions. The multi-functional two-tone pouch provides grooming essentials, for males and females respectively, as well as toiletries created by the Italian cosmetics brand Acca Kappa.

The elegantly designed his and her kits include Acca Kappa White Moss shower essential products, Miradent dental kit, combination hairbrush/comb, and even laundry detergent easily used in a sink. The male kit also contains Acca Kappa White Moss shaving cream, and a 3-blade razor. The female kit includes Acca Kappa White Moss body lotion, and vanity essentials. The passenger will surely be pampered in all areas of discomfort that may be caused by this travel inconvenience.

FORMIA CEO & Managing Partner, Roland Grohmann stated: “FORMIA understands the frustration of dealing with flight delays, and the inconvenience of an unexpected overnight stay. We applaud Austrian Airlines for taking the extra step to reassure passengers that they care.”




FORMIA is a travel industry global leader offering tailor-made premium guest and inflight service amenities, including kits, bags, cosmetic and comfort items. Over the past three decades, FORMIA has forged a distinctive design approach and exceptional innovation which is a testament to the company’s unique product expertise. In partnership with the world’s leading airlines and brands in luxury, travel, lifestyle, and well-being, FORMIA focuses on identifying the most profitable strategic fit, enabling the Brand to optimise its visibility and impact while adding value to the airlines’ proposition.

Austrian Airlines AG Founded in 1957, Austrian Airlines AG is Austria’s largest carrier and operates a global route network of approximately 130 destinations. The airline is part of the Lufthansa Group, and a member of the Star Alliance. Operating from the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport, the Austrian Airlines Group (“Austrian”) occupies a leading position in Austria’s aviation industry. Austrian Airlines currently operates a fleet of 85 aircraft.

Acca Kappa Since 1869, the Krull family has led the Acca Kappa brand for more than 140 years. This lifestyle brand, born of Italian taste, culture and elegance, embodies over four generations of craftsmanship and excellence in fragrances, brushes, body care and wellness products. Acca Kappa proudly represents Italy in more than 50 countries all over the world, through flagship stores, shop in shop corners and counters located only in the most exclusive and high-ended department stores, malls and airports.



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