March/April 2013

FORMIA's partnerships with luxury brands is exemplified through the company's choice of marketing
Keeping a fine balance between value creation and brand appeal, FORMIA develops specific products to cater to travelers' personal needs while they are away from the comfort of their home. "Our challenge is to translate retail or luxury brand products into solutions that fit airline budgets whilst reflecting the brand's image, high perceived value and deliver the emotional value," said Yves Alavo, Executive Director at FORMIA.

FORMIA's partnerships with luxury brands is exemplified through the company's choice of marketing. "To create this connection between high fashion, luxury and the travel world we use visuals that relate to a luxurious universe. Several of our touch points, such our offices, our presentations to customers, our FORUM365 or our booth, give the feeling of a luxury retail boutique environment."

FORMIA's success is inspired by the Asian hospitality culture. "FORMIA is written in European Alphabet and the Chinese symbol (pronounced Ren, which means person, people or human). This embodies our values of indulgence; it is achieved by the commitment of an international team to better understand our customers, amongst which some enjoy the highest travel standard facilities."

The democratization of luxury has been one of the most important marketing phenomenons of modern times, Alavo told PAX International. "The challenge of striking the right balance between a brand's rich heritage and the freshness of new ideas however remains. How to remain true to brand values and territory, while pushing the boundaries of creation is key to us and forces us to understand constantly both the brand and the airlines' expectations."


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