Essential reflections

During the 2010 ITCA conference and trade show in Cologne, the re-vamped luxury amenity supplier FORMIA hosted a well-attended event where high-living expert and CNNGo contributor Kristina Dryza talked about directions the luxury industry appeared to be taking.

Dryza educated the group on how to spot the difference between a trend and a fad, how to appeal to the emotions provoked by a product, rather than the desire to simply own the product itself, and how the modern consumer often prefers a 'whisper' over a 'shout' when it comes to name-branding merchandise. While Dryza's presentation was right on point in terms of consumer trends, the airline business will always have its own considerations.

"Airlines and travelers have become highly aware of the shift in luxury brands and the clear divide between 'shouting branding' and 'whispering branding'", says Yves Alavo, executive director of Formia. "Today our industry has airlines and passengers to appeal to each type of branding."

Source: PAX International November / December 2010 issue